Decree No. 2001-328 of January 23, 2001,
specifying the procedure for the keeping of the National Register of Patents
and for the making of entries in that Register
The President of the Republic,
On a proposal by the Minister of Industry,
Considering Law No. 82-66 of August 6, 1982, on Standardization and Quality, notably
Article 4 thereof,
Considering Law No. 2000-84 of August 24, 2000, on Patents, notably Article 37
Considering Decree No. 82-1314 of September 24, 1982, on the organization and
operation of the National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property,
Considering the advice of the Administrative Tribunal,
Decrees as follows:
1. The following shall be entered in the National Register of Patents, hereinafter
referred to as “the Register”, in respect of every patent application or patent.
(1) The following particulars:
— where the applicant is a natural person: surname and forename, nationality and
— where the applicant is a legal entity: business style, legal form, nationality, address
of its registered office and surname and forename, nationality and address of its legal
— name and address of the agent, if appointed.
All changes affecting the above particulars shall likewise be entered in the Register.
(2) The references of the patent application or patent and all subsequent acts affecting
the existence or scope thereof.
(3) The petition and also the suspension and the resumption of the grant procedure in
the event of a claim of ownership of a patent application.
(4) Acts changing the ownership of the patent application or patent, or the scope of the
enjoyment of the rights deriving therefrom, such as assignment, transfer, licensing, the
making or redemption of a pledge, or seizure and the confirmation or lifting thereof.
(5) Corrections of factual errors in Register entries.
2. Particulars, changes or corrections concerning patent applications or patents shall be
entered in the Register at the request of either the owners thereof or any party having a legal
interest therein or on the initiative of the entity responsible for industrial property.
3. The Register shall be kept manually or by means of a computerized process.

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