Design Law no. 18 of 1974

Part One: Preliminary Provisions
1. This Act may be cited as “The Industrial Designs Act, 1974”.
2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires:
“Court” means Province Court;
“Industrial Design” means any composition of lines or colors formed to
give a special appearance to any industrial or hand-made product or any
plastic form whether or not it is restricted to color on condition that, the
form or composition can be used as an industrial design or a handicraft
“Minister” means the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning;
“Industrial Designs Office” means the office established in accordance with
Section 3;
“Successor” means one who takes the place of an inventor and has all his
rights vested in him;
“Rules” means the rules made in accordance with this Act;
“Fixed Address” means any address within the Democratic Republic of the
Sudan fixed by an applicant for registration as the place where directions
and notices may be sent to him.

Part Two: Industrial Design Office and Consultative Committee for
Industrial Designs

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