Libyan Patents and Industrial Designs and Models Law
Date: 30th March 1959, Law No.8 of the year 1959 on patents
and industrial designs and models,
We, Idris the 1st, king of the United Kingdom of Libya,
The Chamber of Senates and the House of representatives endorsed the
law of the following provisions, which we approved and issued,

Section No. 1
Chapter No.1
The Patent
Article No.1
(a) In respect with the application of this law, any innovation that is
industrially exploitable, whether it is related to new industrial
products, new methods or industrial means or application of new
methods for known industrial approaches or means, shall be
deemed as an invention.
(b) The invention shall not be deemed new in whole or partially in the
following two cases:
1. If ever been used in public in Libya within the past 50 years
as of the application date of the patent, or if its description or
drawing had appeared in publications published in Libya, or
if the published description or drawing was apparently
obvious that people of skill may exploit it.
2. If ever a patent was issued in Libya within the past 50 years
as of the application date of a patent Vis a Vis an invention
or a part of it for a non inventor, or to whom its rights were
devolved or if a third party had requested a patent for the
same invention or a part thereof in the foresaid period.
Article No.2
(a) The patent shall be granted as per the provisions of this law.
(b) The patent shall not be granted for the following:
1. Inventions in which exploitations may result in breach of
morals or public order.
2.Chemical inventions related to foodstuff, drugs or
pharmaceutical formulas unless these products are made

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