Trademark Law no. 8 of 1969

1. This Act May be cited as” the Trade Marks Act, 1969”.
2. The Trade Marks Ordinance 1931 shall be repealed.
3. In this Act, unless the context otherwise required, the flowing words
shall have the meanings herein respectively assigned to them:
“The Court”: means the High Court.
“Trade Mark”: means any visible sign used or proposed to be used upon,
in connection with or in relation to goods for the purpose of distinguishing
the goods of a person from those of others. Provided it is not inadmissible,
a trade mark may consist of any distinctive sign, including a ward, name,
pseudonym device, brand arbitrary or fanciful designation, heading, label,
ticket, signature, letter, numeral, slogan package, emblem container or
any combination thereof.
“Service Mark”: means any visible sign used or proposed to be used to
distinguish the services of a person from those of other.
“Indication of Origin”: means any expression or sign used to indicate that
a product or service originates in a given country, group of countries,
region or locality.
“Minister”: means the Minister of commerce and Supply.
"Prescribed”: means prescribed by this Act or by Orders or Rules or
Regulations made under this Act.

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