5. Any notice, application. or other document lodged by
post shall be deemed to have been lodged at the time when
the letter containing the same \vould be delivered in the
ordinary course of post. In proving such sending, it shall be
sufficient to prove that the letter was properly addressed
and put in the post and addressed to the Registrar of Paten ts
and Designs, Patents Branch ~ Federal Ministry of Trade.
Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

6. An agent shall be authorised to lodge an application
on Form 2.

7. An applica tion for the gran t of a patent shall be signed
by the applicant for registration or by his agent.
8. (1) An application for the grant of a patent shall be on
Form 1 and shall relate to only one invention, but may
include in connection with that inven tion(a) claims(i) for any number of products,
(ii) for any number of manufacturing processes for
those products, and
(iii) for any number of applications of those products; and
(b) claims(i) for any number of processes,
(ii) for the means of working those processes, for
the resulting product or products and for the application of those products.
(2) Every applicant claiming priority under section 27 of
the Act by reason of an application for the grant of a patent
made or deemed to have been made in a convention country
as defined in section 27(1) of this Act which country shall be
named, shall append to his application a written declaration
showing the date and number of the earlier application, the
country in which the application was made, the name of the
person who made the earlier application, and shall furnish
within three months thereafter, a copy of the earlier application certified correct by the Industrial Property Office (or
its equivalent) in the country where the earlier application
was made. Where an application is in a language other than
English, a translation together with the name of the language shall be signed by the applicant or his agent and
attached to the certified application.

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