under section 30
Commellcenzent: 1st December, 1971

1. The fees to be paid in relation to patents shall be those
prescribed in the First Schedule. Such fees shall be paid to
the Registrar who shall pay all fees received by him
pursuant to these Rules into the Consolidated Revenue
Fund of the Federation.

2. (1) The forms hereIn referred to are those contained
in the Second Schedule (that is to say, Patent forms 1 to 7)
and such forms shall be used in all cases to which they are
applicable and may be modified as directed by the Registrar
to meet other cases.
(2) Any other forms mentioned in these Rules shall be
prescribed by the Minister.

3. Subject to any other directions that may be given by
the Registrar, all applications, notices, statements, papers
or other documents authorised or required by the Act or
these Rules to be made, left with or sent to the Registrar
shall be ,upon foolscap paper and, except where otherwise
required, on one side only, of a size of approximately fifteen
centimetres by nine centimetres and shall have on the left
hand part thereof a margin of not less than two centimetres.
4. (1) A document lodged on behalf of joint applicants
shall contain the names of all the joint o\vners in full and
shall be signed by all the owners or by any other person who
satisfies the Registrar that he is authorised to sign the
(2) A document purporting to be signed for or on behalf
of a body corporate shall be signed by a director or by the
secretary or other principal officer of the body corporate, or
by any other person who satisfies the Registrar that he IS
authorised to sign the document.

L.N. 96 of

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