(63) Telecommunication network: installation or group of installations used in the
transmission and routing of telecommunications signals, or exchange of command and
management information associated with these signals between network points;
(64) Security: situation in which someone or something is not exposed to any danger.
Mechanism to prevent any havoc or their attendant effects;
(65) Certification service: service provided by a Certification Authority;
(66) Electronic communication's service: service consisting wholly or mainly in the
provision of electronic communications, except the content of audiovisual communication
(67) Representative: individual acting on his own behalf or on behalf of the person or entity
he represents, which involves a device for creating an electronic signature;
(68) Electronic signature: signature obtained by an asymmetric encryption algorithm to
authenticate the sender of a message and verify its integrity;
(69) Advanced electronic signature: electronic signature obtained using a qualified
electronic certificate;
(70) Open standard: communication, interconnection or exchange and interoperable data
format protocol whose technical specifications and access are public and have no restriction
or implementation;
(71) Detection system: system that helps detect incidents that could lead to security policy
violation and help diagnose potential intrusions;
(72) Information system: devices or group of interconnected or related devices performing,
by itself or by one or many of its components, automatic data processing, in line with a
(73) Vulnerability: security breach resulting either intentionally or accidentally by a violation
of security policy in the architecture of an electronic communication's network, in designing
an information system.
Section 5. The terms and expressions not defined under this law shall maintain their
definitions or meanings as provided for in international legal instruments to which Cameroon
adheres, notably the Constitution and the Convention of the International
Telecommunications Union, the Radiocommunications’ Regulation and the International
Telecommunications' Regulation.

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