To provide for repression of criminal activities perpetrated through computer systems
Enacted by the Parliament of Mauritius, as follows PART I - PRELIMINARY

Short title
The Act may be cited as the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act 2003.


In this Act "access" in relation to any computer system, means instruct, communicate with, store
data in, retrieve data from, or otherwise make use of any of the resources of the
computer system;
“computer service” includes data processing and the storage or retrieval of data;
“computer system” means a device or combination of devices, including input and
output devices, but excluding calculators which are not programmable, and capable of
being used in conjunction with external files, which contain computer programs,
electronic instructions, input data and output data that performs logic, arithmetic, data
storage and retrieval, communication control and other functions;
“asymmetric cryptosystem” means a system capable of generating a secure key pair,
consisting of a private key for creating a digital signature, and a public key to verify the
digital signature;
“data” means information recorded in a form in which it can be processed by equipment
operating automatically in response to instructions given for that purpose, and includes
representations of facts, information and concepts held in any removable storage
“digital signature”–

means an electronic signature consisting of a transformation of an
electronic record using an asymmetric cryptosystem such that a person
having the initial untransformed electronic record and the signer’s public
key can accurately determine –

whether the transformation was created using the private key that
corresponds to the signer’s public key; and


whether the initial electronic record has been altered since the
transformation was made; and

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