Search to be made

9. Upon receipt of an application for registration of a
work, the a Copyright Administrator shall cause a search to be
made, amongst the registered works and pending applications, for
the purpose of ascertaining whether there is a record or any
dispute in respect of the same work.

Evidence to be

10.-(1) After a search and consideration of an application
under Regulation 9 and of any evidence of ownership tendered, or
of any other matter of which the applications may or may be
required to be furnished, the a Copyright Administrator may
accept an application absolutely or he may refuse.
(2) Where the Copyright Administrator refuses an
application under sub-regulation (1) he may give reasons for that

In case of the
Administrator to
inform the

11. Where the application is not accepted, the Copyright
Administrator shall inform the applicant of his refusal in writing
as soon as the decision is made and he shall return all the material
received as evidence, and unless within thirty days the applicant
applies for a hearing or makes a considered reply to that refusal,
he shall be deemed to have withdrawn the application.

Administrator to
notify the

12.-(1) Where the application is accepted the Copyright
Administrator shall communicate such to the applicant in writing.
(2) Subject to subregulation (1), where the applicant
objects to such conditions, he shall within thirty days from the
date of the communication, apply for a hearing or communicate
his objections in writing addressed to the Copyright
Subject to subregulations (1) and (2), where the
applicant does not communicate within the specified period he
shall be deemed to have withdrawn his application and where the
applicant does not object to any conditions provided; he shall
forthwith notify the Copyright Administrator in writing and alter
his application accordingly.


Upon the registration of a work, the Copyright
Administrator shall acknowledge receipt of the application and


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