the COSOTA charter;


“ successor” means owner of copyright by disposition, bequest or
operation of law;
“Society” means the Copyright Society of Tanzania in its
acronym COSOTA established under section 46 of the
“work” means any artistic work in any form;
3. An author or other owner of copyright may apply for
membership of COSOTA.


4. An applicant under regulation 3 may be admitted as a
provisional, full or successor member and be issued with a
certificate, in form CST/MEMBER/NO….


The fees to be paid in relation to application for
membership and annual subscription shall be those fees as
prescribed in the First Schedule to these Regulations and may be
modified from time to time as directed by the General Assembly.

Declaration of

6. Members of the Society shall declare their works to
the Society for collective copyright protection and registration.
Such registration of works shall be free of charge.


There shall be individual and group members
(2) The applications referred to under regulation (1) shall
use the forms in the Second Schedule and such forms shall be
used in all cases to which they are applicable and may be
modified by the Copyright Administrator.

Application under
Reg. 6

8.-(1) An application to the Society for registration of
works under section 47(b) of the Act shall be signed by the
copyright owner or by an authorized person by him and the
application shall be made on Form CST 8 titled Work Declaration
(2) Each application form referred under regulation (1)
shall be for registration of one work only.


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