Decree No. 93-027 of March 30, 1993 on Copyright, Related Rights and Expressions of
Having regard to the Constitution;
Having regard to Founding Act No. I/CN of July 30, 1991, on the Statutes of the National
Having regard to Act No. III/CN of August 9, 1991, proclaiming the Attributes of Sovereignty
of the National Conference;
Having regard to Act No. XXI/CN of October 29, 1991, on the Organization of the Authorities
during the Transitional Period, in particular in Articles 15 and 18;
Having regard to Decree No. 93-003 of February 9, 1993 on the Implementation of Articles
126 and 127 of the Constitution;
Acting on a report from the Minister for Communication, Culture, Youth and Sports
The Council of Ministers having been heard:
The High Council of the Republic having discussed and adopted;
The Prime Minister signs the Decree which states as follows
First chapter: Introductory Provisions
Article 1: Definitions
The following terms and their variants as used in the present part of the decree have the
following meanings




“Audiovisual work” means a work consisting of a series of related images
which give an impression of movement, with or without accompanying
sound and, where accompanied by sound, susceptible of being audible.
The author means the natural person who created the work. Any reference
in the present decree to the economic rights of authors, when the original
holder of those rights is a natural or legal person other than the author,
must be understood as referring to that other original holder of the rights.
“Broadcasting” means the communication of a work (including the
presentation or performance of a work) to the public by wireless
transmission; “rebroadcasting” means broadcasting of a broadcast work.
“Broadcasting” shall include broadcasting by satellite which shall be
“broadcasting” from the injection of a work towards the satellite, including
both the up-leg and the down-leg stages of the transmission, until the work
is communicated to (made available but not necessarily received by) the
“Collective work” means a work created by several authors at the initiative
and under the responsibility of a natural or legal person who publishes the
work under his or its name, and in which the contributions of the authors
who have participated in the creation of the work – because of the great
number or the indirect nature of the contributions—are merged in the

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