Decree No. 2001-1602 of July 11, 2001,
fixing the procedures for the deposit of layout-designs of
integrated circuits and the procedures for entry in the
National Register of Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits
The President of the Republic,
On a proposal by the Minister of Industry,
Considering Law No. 82-66 of August 6, 1982 on Standardization and Quality, in
particular Article 4,
Considering Law No. 2001-20 of February 6, 2001 on the Protection of Layout-Designs
of Integrated Circuits, in particular Articles 9 and 13,
Considering Decree No. 82-1314 of September 24, 1982 concerning the Organization
and Functioning of the National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property,
Considering the opinion of the administrative tribunal.
Hereby decrees:
1. An application for the deposit of any layout-design of integrated circuits shall
(1) a declaration of deposit, in two copies, drafted using the form produced by the body
responsible for industrial property.
This declaration shall specify inter alia:
— the identity of the depositor and his address,
— a short and accurate description of the layout-design of integrated circuits to be
— the date and place of the first commercial use of the layout-design of integrated
circuits or an indication that such use has not yet begun.
(2) two copies of the layout design.
(3) a document containing the information for defining the electronic function which
the integrated circuits are intended to perform.
(4) proof of payment of the prescribed fee.
(5) the power of attorney of the agent, where such an agent is appointed.
2. Following receipt of the deposit, the body responsible for industrial property shall
mention, on the declaration, the date and deposit number.
A deposit receipt shall be sent to the depositor by the body responsible for industrial

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