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These regulations were published under:
Government Notice R843 in Government Gazette 20256 of 2 July 1999
as amended by:
Government Notice R602 in Government Gazette 27713 of 1 July 2005
Government Notice R988 in Government Gazette 28104 of 10 October 2005
Government Notice R1182 in Government Gazette 29413 of 1 December 2006

----------------------------------------------------------I, Alexander Erwin, Minister of Trade and Industry do hereby publish the following Regulations
of the Designs Act, 1993 (Act 195 of 1993)

In these regulations any expression to which a meaning has been assigned in the
Designs Act, 1993 (Act No. 195 of 1993), shall, unless the context otherwise indicates,
bear the meaning so assigned, and‘access code’ means the unique identification particulars, whether alphanumeric,
biometric or otherwise, enabling the CIPRO system to identify a person;
‘CIPRO’ means the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office that
constitutes a combined administrative office for the various registration offices
established or deemed to be established under the Act, the Patents Act, 1978 (Act 194
of 1993), the Trade Marks Act, 1993 (Act 194 of 1993), the Registration of Copyright in
Cinematograph Films Act, 1977 (Act 62 of 1977), the Close Corporations Act, 1984 (Act
69 of 1984) and the Companies Act, 1973 (Act 61 0f 1973);
‘CIPRO customer’ means any person using electronic services and includes any
person who has been allowed by the Registrar to use electronic services, who is legally
entitled to act on behalf of a natural or juristic person, and who has thus been allowed
to use or provide electronic services or to act as an intermediary in respect of electronic
‘CIPRO portal’ means the Internet website or other electronic portal forming part of the
CIPRO system;
‘CIPRO record retention system’ means the system used by CIPRO to store records
for subsequent access, whether in paper, microfilm, electronic or any other form;
‘CIPRO system’ means the computer system, including the CIPRO portal, through
which CIPRO provides electronic services, irrespective of the medium or form of
technology underlying or forming part of such services;
‘electronic services’ means the services provided or made available by CIPRO
through the CIPRO system in terms of regulation 1A;
‘inspect’ includes obtaining access to a record via the CIPRO system;
‘lodge’ includes the creation of a record on the CIPRO system;
'office' means the designs office established under section 4 of the Act;
‘operational requirements’ means the requirements provided for in regulation 1A(2);
‘record’ includes a document and vice versa;

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