[No. 26 of 1987

Patents (Amendment)


No.	 26 of 1987
Date of A886nt: 28th December, 1987.

An Act to amend the Patents Act
[31st December, 1987
ENACTED by the Parliament of Zambia.	


1. This Act may be cited as the Patents (Amendment)
Act, 1987, and shall be read as one with the Patents Act, in
this Act referred to as the principal Act.
2. The principal Act is amended by the insertion
immediately after section ten of the following new section:

Cap. 692

lOA. (1) In this section­
(a)	 "ARIPO" means the African Regioual Industrial Inll6rtlon
Property Organisation, formerly known as the of ~ct.ion
Industrial Property Organisation for English- ~~TPO
Speaking Ardeu (ESAltll'U). which WU8 patente
established, under the former name, by an
agreement adopted at Lusaka on 9th December,
1976; and
(b)	 "ARIPO Protocol" means the Protocol on
Patent.s and Industrial Designs within the
Framework of ARIPO, adopted at Harare on
lOth December, 1982.
(2) Where a. patent has been granted by ARIPO

under section 3 (7) of the ARIPO Protocol and the

Registrar has not objected, under section 3 (6) of the

Protocol, to the patent having effect in Zambia, the

patent shall for all purposes be deemed to have boou

granted under this Act.

(3) A patent shall not be deemed to have been granted

under, this section if, under section 3 (6) of the' Al{,lPO

Protocol, the Registrar objects to its having effect in


Sm!lle copied of tM.8 Act may 06 OOta·i"ud fr01~1 the Govorl.mm,t Prh~.
P.O. J]03: 30136, Lusaka. Prwe 20,..

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