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Computer-related crime concerns any offense involving the use of information and
communication technologies. In this regard, the concepts of cybercrime, computerrelated crime, cybercriminal, computer-related offenses, hi-tech crime, etc., have the
same meaning.
Therefore, for obvious crime-policy reasons, a cyberstrategy for dealing with cybercrime
needs to be developed in Senegal by adapting the penal system, in particular updating
traditional definitions of criminal offenses and adjusting traditional procedural
instruments in the light of information and communication technologies.
The present draft law consists of two parts:
(1) part one, relating to substantive criminal law, consists of three titles dealing with the
establishment of offenses specific to information and communication technologies and
the adaptation of certain definitions of offenses and certain penalties to the context of
information and communication technologies;
(2) part two, relating to criminal procedural law, consists of two titles concerning, on the
one hand, adjustments to traditional procedures in the light of information and
communication technologies and, on the other, the adoption of a procedure specific to
offenses relating to personal data.
This is the subject of the present draft law.

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