Copyright Law in Libya
Law No. (9) For 1968*
Issuing the Copyright Protection Law
We Idris the First, King of the Kingdom of Libya
The Senate Council and the Representation Council have approved the following
law, and hereby sanction and issue this law.
Article (1)
The provisions of this law shall apply to copyright protection and any provisions
inconsistent therewith shall be repealed.
Article (2)
The Minister of Information & Culture shall implement this law and it shall be effective
as from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
Issued at Al Khold Palace on 17 Dhu'l- Hijja, 1416 A.H., corresponding to 16 March
At the King's order
Ahmad Al-Salhain Al-Honi Abdul Hamid Al-Bkoosh
Minister of Information & Culture Prime Minister

Published in the Official Gazette, Issue No. 10 of 30/3/1968

Law for the Protection of Copyright
Works whose Authors are protected

Article (1)
The authors of original literary, artistic and scientific works of art, shall enjoy protection
under this law no matter their type, method of expression, importance or their purpose of
Any natural or legal person who registers a work in his name shall be considered an
author, except if there is evidence to the contrary. The priority of registration shall prevail
when there are many registrations, unless there is evidence to the contrary.

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