Electronic Transactions

No. 33

“cyber inspector” means a person appointed as such under
section 69;
“data” means electronic presentation of information in any
“data controller” means a person who, acting either alone or in
common with other persons, determines the purpose for which,
and the manner in which, any personal data is processed, or is to
be processed and thus, controls and is responsible for the keeping
and using of personal data, and the term includes a person who
collects, processes or stores personal data;
“data subject” means a person from whom data relating to that
person is collected, processed or stored by a data controller;
“digital certificate” means an electronic document to prove
ownership of a public key, and certificate includes information
about the key owners’ identity and the digital signature if an
entity that has verified the certificates contents are correct;
“digital signature” means an electronic signature consisting of
a transformation of an electronic message using an asymmetric
crypto system and a hash function such that a person having the
initial and transformed electronic message and the signatory’s
public key can accurately determine__
(a) whether the transformation was created using the private
key that corresponds with the signatory's public key; and
(b) whether the initial electronic message is as it was after
the transformation was made;
“digital signature certificate” means a record which is issued
by the Authority for the purpose of supporting a digital signature;
“distance contract” means any contract concluded between a
supplier and a consumer under an organized remote sales or
service-provision scheme run by the supplier, who, for the
purpose of that contract, makes exclusive use of one or more
electronic means up to and including the time at which the
contract is concluded;
“domain name” means an alphanumeric designation that is
registered or assigned in respect of an electronic address or other
resources on the internet;
“e-government service” means a public service provided by
electronic means;
“electronic commerce” means any economic activity provided
by electronic means, including remote services and products,
particularly services that consist of providing online information,

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