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Preliminary (ss 1-3)

CHAPTER: 08:06 An Act to combat cybercrime and computer related crimes, to repress criminal activities perpetrated through c

[Date ofcommencement: 28th December, 2007] ARRANGEMENTOF SECTIONSSECTIONPARTI 1. Preliminary 2. Short title 3.

[Ch0806s1]1. Short title
Act may be cited as the Cybercrime and Computer Related Crimes Act.
[Ch0806s2]2. Interpretation
this Act, unless the context otherwise requires"access"
means, in relation to any computer or computer system, instruct, communicate
with, store data in, retrieve data from, or otherwise make use of any of the
resources of the computer or computer system;
means the Commissioner of Police appointed by the President in terms of section
112 of the Constitution;
data storage medium" means any device or material from which data is
capable of being stored or reproduced, with or without the aid of any other
device or material;
service" includes data processing or the storage or retrieval of data;
or computer system" means an electronic, magnetic or optical device or
a group of interconnected or related devices, including the Internet, one or
more of which, pursuant to a programme, performs automatic processing of data
or any other function;
means(a) any representation of facts, information or
concepts in a form suitable for processing in a computer or computer system;
(b) any information recorded in a form in which
it can be processed by equipment operating automatically in response to
instructions given for that purpose; or
(c) a programme suitable to cause a computer or
computer system to perform a function;
means the Director of the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime
appointed by the President in terms of section 4 of the Corruption and Economic
Crime Act Cap. 08:05 or
any person who may be appointed by the Minister by notice published in the Gazette;

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