CAP. 506

Trade Marks

[Rev. 2009


Part I - Preliminary

1 - Short title.
2 - Interpretation.
3 - Appointment of Registrar and other officers.
Part II – Registration, Infringement And Other
Substantive Provisions
4 - The register of trade marks.
Effect of Registration and the Action for Infringement
5 - No action for infringement of unregistered trade mark.
6 - Registration to be in respect of particular goods or services.
7 - Right given by registration in Part A, and infringement thereof.
8 - Right given by registration in Part B, and infringement thereof.
9 - Infringement by breach of certain restrictions.
10 - Saving for vested rights.
11 - Saving for use of name, address or description of goods.
Registrability and Validity of Registration
12 - Distinctiveness requisite for registration in Part A.
13 - Capability of distinguishing requisite for registration in
Part B.
14 - Prohibition of registration of deceptive, etc., matter.
15 - Prohibition of registration of identical and resembling
trade marks.
15A - Protection of well known trade marks.
16 - Registration in Part A to be conclusive as to validity after
seven years.
17 - Registration subject to disclaimer.
18 - Words used as name or description of an article or substance.
19 - Effect of limitation as to colour, and of absence thereof.
Part III – Procedure For And Duration Of Registration
20 - Application for registration.

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