Act No.. 7

of 1999

5. Any sound recording or audio-visual recording without
affixed HAKIGRAM and which are either imported or distributed or
offered to the public for distribution by way of sale, hire, rental or
otherwise within the United Republic shall be considered as infringing
copyright granted by the Act and shall be seized by either:
(a)	 the Society;
(b)	 the Police; or
(c)	 the Customs Department.
6. The seizure referred to under Regulation 5 shall be pending
for a period of up to sixty days during the period the Society, Police or
Customs Department may consider the application if any submitted by
the applicant objecting the seizure.
7. The sound recordings or audio-visual recordings seized and
kept for more than sixty days shall be destroyed by the Society under
the control or supervision of the Customs Department and the Police,
where the owner of such sound recording or audio in such recordings
will not come forward or request the return of the same.
8. The Customs Department shall seize, impound or retain any
sound recordings or audio-visual recordings imported into the United
Republic exceeding a quantity of three copies of the same recording
until such importation has been consented to or verified and
authenticated by the Society.
9. An application to import pre-recorded sound recordings or
audio visual or audio works shall be made to COSOTA on Form CST 9
set out in Part I of the Schedule to these Regulations.

Act No. 7

Of 1999

10. COSOTA shall issue a Certificate of Authorization on
Form CST 10 set out in Part 2 of the Schedule to these Regulations
subject to ­
(a)	 evidence being given that the recordings have been or will
be produced in conformity with the Act and the
Regulations made there under;
(b)	 the applicant shall be obliged to affix a HAKIGRAM to
each recording offered for sale, hire or rental; and
(c)	 payment of the fees for a HAKIGRAM acquired by the
applicant to COSOTA.


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