fires, floods, explosions, or incidents involving exposure or potential exposure to
radioactive or toxic materials;
“infomercial” means any advertising broadcast in visual or audio form, lasting for
more than two minutes, which may contain demonstrations of the use of the
product or service advertised, and includes direct offers to the public in return for
payment, and results in the broadcaster receiving payment in monetary terms or
“licensee” means holder of a broadcasting services licence;
“local content” means the total of all television or radio programmes which fulfill
any five of the following conditions:
(a) the production is made in either Kenya’s native languages or official
languages of Kenya;
(b) production was done in Kenya;
(c) the content deals with issues that are unique and relevant to Kenyan
(d) at least twenty per centum of the share of the production company are owned
by Kenyans;
(e) a majority of the artistes are Kenyans;
(f) the location of shooting, in case of audiovisual programmes or performance
was in Kenya;
(g) the author thereof must be a Kenyan national and in case of co-authorship or
multi-authorship fifty per centum or more of the authors must be Kenyan;
(h) the production is made under Kenyan creative and technical control;
but does not include news and commentaries;
“national emergency organizations” include the police force, security forces, fire
brigade, ambulance services, medical services, veterinarian services and
environmental disaster agencies, whether or not such organizations are owned and

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