IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 46K of the Kenya
Communications Act, 1998, the Minister for Information and Communications, in
consultation with the Communication Commission of Kenya, makes the following
These Regulations shall be cited as the Kenya Information and Communications
(Broadcasting) Regulations, 2009.
Interpretation [L.N. 2 of 1998, 10 of 2007]
In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires—
“Act” means the Kenya Information and Communications Act,1998;
“advertise” means to broadcast any item in return for payment or other valuable
consideration to a broadcaster with the intention of—
(a) selling to a viewer or listener, any product or service;
(b) convincing a viewer or listener of a belief or course of action; or
(c) promoting a product, service, belief, course of action, person or organisation;
“broadcasting licence means a license issued by the Commission permitting the
licensee to provide broadcasting services;
“broadcast market” means the area, specified in the broadcasting licence by the
Commission, within which a licensee is licensed to operate;
“child” means any human being under the age of eighteen years;
“disaster” means a serious disruption of the functioning of the society causing
widespread human, material or environmental damage and losses which exceeds
the ability of the affected community to cope using their own resources, and
includes any event or circumstance arising out of accidents, natural phenomena,

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