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basic seed and seedlings
certified seed and seedlings
standard seed and seedlings.

The conditions for classifying seed and seedlings in the above categories shall be laid
down by decree.
Article 4
There is created an official catalogue in which shall be entered plant varieties that are
distinct, stable, uniform and have considerable agricultural value.
The competent authority shall keep the official catalogue.
Entry in the catalogue shall be made on a request submitted by the person concerned to the
competent authority, accompanied by a detailed description of the variety and a sample of its
seed or seedlings.
The form of the catalogue and the procedure for entry shall be laid down by decree.
Article 5
The official catalogue shall record the principal morphological and physiological specific
features and the other characteristics enabling a distinction to be made between the various plant
varieties entered.
However, the basic elements of hybrid plants and of compound varieties shall remain
secret if their breeders so request.
Article 6
There is established a Technical Committee for Seed, Seedlings and New Plant Varieties.
This Committee shall have the following tasks:
Propose measures suitable to develop and guide the seed, seedlings and new plant
variety sector.
Issue opinions on requests for entry of varieties and new plant varieties in the official

Issue opinions on applications for the granting of ownership of new plant varieties.

The composition and working procedures of the aforementioned Committee shall be laid
down by decree.

Article 7

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