Ministry of Industry
Law No. 3/92 of February 28
Courtesy translation provided by WIPO © 2013
In the modern world, the establishment of a legal and administrative
industrial property protection regime is one of the essential prerequisites for the
economic and social development of peoples.
With Angola’s economy currently undergoing radical change, now is an
opportune time to define the legislative framework applicable to industrial
property, a tool capable of stimulating innovation and inventive activity at the
national level, encouraging investment, and promoting the expansion of trade
and the widespread dissemination of technology.
In this context, the protection of inventions and industrial designs, together
with the protection and regulation of marks, awards, establishment names and
emblems, as well as indications of origin and the effective suppression of unfair
competition emerge as key elements of the industrial property system.
This protection must be offset by corresponding duties, however, in
particular as regards the appropriate industrial exploitation of patented
In addition, the defense of industrial rights shall contribute to the
development of intergovernmental cooperation, in particular in the fields of
research and the examination and the analysis of documentation on patents..
Thus, pursuant to Article 51(b) of the Constitutional Law, and in exercise of the
power vested in me by Article 47(q) of said Law, the People’s Assembly
approves and I hereby sign and order the publication of the following:

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