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Article 3
Objectives of the Organization
The objectives of the Organization are:
(i) to promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world through cooperation
among States and, where appropriate, in collaboration with any other international
(ii) to ensure administrative cooperation among the Unions.
Article 4
In order to attain the objectives described in Article 3, the Organization, through its appropriate
organs, and subject to the competence of each of the Unions:
(i) shall promote the development of measures designed to facilitate the efficient protection of
intellectual property throughout the world and to harmonize national legislation in this field;
(ii) shall perform the administrative tasks of the Paris Union, the Special Unions established in
relation with that Union, and the Berne Union;
(iii) may agree to assume, or participate in, the administration of any other international agreement
designed to promote the protection of intellectual property;
(iv) shall encourage the conclusion of international agreements designed to promote the protection
of intellectual property;
(v) shall offer its cooperation to States requesting legal–technical assistance in the field of
intellectual property;
(vi) shall assemble and disseminate information concerning the protection of intellectual property,
carry out and promote studies in this field, and publish the results of such studies;
(vii) shall maintain services facilitating the international protection of intellectual property and,
where appropriate, provide for registration in this field and the publication of the data
concerning the registrations;
(viii) shall take all other appropriate action.
Article 5
(1) Membership in the Organization shall be open to any State which is a member of any of the Unions as
defined in Article 2(vii).
(2) Membership in the Organization shall be equally open to any State not a member of any of the
Unions, provided that:
(i) it is a member of the United Nations, any of the Specialized Agencies brought into relationship
with the United Nations, or the International Atomic Energy Agency, or is a party to the Statute
of the International Court of Justice, or
(ii) it is invited by the General Assembly to become a party to this Convention.
Article 6
General Assembly
(a) There shall be a General Assembly consisting of the States party to this Convention which are
members of any of the Unions.
(b) The Government of each State shall be represented by one delegate, who may be assisted by
alternate delegates, advisors, and experts.
(c) The expenses of each delegation shall be borne by the Government which has appointed it.
(2) The General Assembly shall:
(i) appoint the Director General upon nomination by the Coordination Committee;


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