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Relating to Copyright Books and other Printed Works

To the Minister for .Commerce, Industry and Mines.

hereby give you notice that copyright in the


original work'

mentioned in the schedule hereto now subsists under the

Copyright Act, 1911, of the United Kingdom, and that"
the owner
of the copyright in the said work'
and that'
that copies of the said work'
printed or reprinted out of Swaziland shall
not be importedinto Swaziland.
Dated this

day of



Title of book'
Description of printed work, if not a book
Full name of author or authors
Whether author or authors alive; if not, date of death
When and where" book or printed work first published
NOTE. Where advantage has been taken of the provisions of the Copyright . A
. ct,
1911, as to simultaneous publication, the date and place stated should be those which entitle
the work to copyright in Swaziland.

10 r works."

2If notice is given by the owner, insert "1 am"; if given by an agent insert name of owner

and the word "is".

3"1 am" or "he is'"' .
41£ an agent insert "agent of owner:".
"The notice may apply to a number of books or printed works, in which case the parti­
culars ill the schedule must be given as respects each book or printed work.

61t is sufficient to state the country of first publication.

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