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20th September, 1918.

.4.17 Act to make provision/or the operation within Swaziland of section 14 of the
Copyright Act, 191I, of the United Kingdon?

Short title.


This Act may be cited as the Copyright (Prohibited Importation) . A
. ct.

Giving of notice.

(1) The notice prescribed by section 14(1) of the Copyright Act, 1911, of the United
Kingdom sball be given to the Prime Minister;
Provided that such notice may instead of being so given be given to the Commissioners ­
of CUstOll1S and Excise of the United Kingdom and if so given and communicated by the
said Commissioners to the Prime Minister shall be deemed to have been given to the Prime
(2) The Minister fOT Commerce, Industry and Mines may in respect of any copies
imported into Swaziland in contravention of section 14 of the said Act exercise an the powers
conferred on the Commissioners of Customs and Excise tinder sub-section (2) of that section.
Publication of notices.

(1) The Minister for Commerce, Industry and Mines shall In the month of January

of every year publish in the Gazette and otherwise as may be prescribed by regulation a list

of all works in respect of which n-otice has been received by him as is herein provided and

shall from time to time throughout the year notify in the Gazette any additions to the list

in force for the time being since its pu blication.

(2) Such lists and notices shall also show the date when the copyright of the respective

works named therein will expire.

FOr171 of notice.

(1) The notices under section 2(1) shall be in the form prescribed in the Schedule
or as near thereto as circumstances permit and the facts stated therein shall be verified by
the oath or affirmation of the person giving such notice.
(2) The fOnTIS prescribed may be altered from time to time by regulation.
(3) In addition to any facts stated in the notice the Minister for Commerce, Industry
and Mines may require further information to be given and verified by oath or affirmation
by the person giving the notice before making any order for the detention of the copies.

(1) The power to make regulations conferred on the Commissioners of Customs
and Excise under section 14 of the said Act shall as regards the operation of the section in
Swaziland be exercised by the Minister for Commerce, Industry and Mines.
(2) On 'publication in the Gazette such regulations shall have force and effect as if
they were part Df this Act,

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