requirement where necessary.
4. Initiation of Proceedings.
(1) A party to a dispute may, within sixty days of the occurrence of a dispute,
notify the Commission and any adverse party of the dispute, in writing.
Provided that where a notification is made orally or in any other form, the
Commission may reduce the notification in writing and the notification shall, if
signed by the complainant, be considered to be a written notification for the
purposes of these Regulations.
(2) The Commission shall not seek to resolve a dispute under these Regulations
unless it has been notified of the dispute in writing and has been requested by
either of the party or both parties to intervene.
(3) A party shall notify the Commission of a dispute under paragraph (1) by the
presenting to the Commission a letter or Memorandum of Complaint together with
the prescribed fees.
(4) The letter or Memorandum of Complaint shall set out concisely, the grounds of
complaint and the facts upon which the complaint is based on, and shall be
accompanied by documentary evidence supporting the complaint.
(5) The letter or Memorandum of Complaint shall be signed by the party
presenting it if the party is an individual, and where the party is a corporation, by
an agent or authorized officer of the corporation.
(6) The Commission shall acknowledge the receipt of a letter or Memorandum of
Complaint, in writing.
(7) The Commission may decline to accept a letter or Memorandum of Complaint
(a) does not raise any issue, under the Act;
(b) does not conform to the provisions of the Act or directions given by the
(c) is trivial, frivolous or vexatious;

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