IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by sections 27, 38 46K and 66 of the
Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998, the Minister for Information
and Communications, in consultation with the Commission, makes the following
1. Citation.
These Regulations may be cited as the Kenya Information and Communications
(Dispute Resolution) Regulations, 2010.
2. Interpretation.
In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires—
“consumer” any person who uses communication services or products offered by a
“dispute” means any matter that is in contention between a licensee and another, a
consumer and a licensee, where one or both parties is aggrieved by the conduct of
the other and the parties have failed to reach an amicable resolution after due effort
has been made;
“licensee” means any person who has been licensed under the Act;
3. Powers of the Commission
The Commission shall have power to resolve disputes between—
(a) a consumer and a service provider;
(b) a service provider and another service provider; or
(c) any other persons as may be prescribed under the Act.
(3) The Commission may, for the purpose of resolving any dispute hold hearings,
inquiries and investigations, it considers appropriate in the discharge of its
functions under the Act.
(4) The Commission shall not emphasize on technicalities or rules of procedure in
resolving disputes filed under these regulations and may waive any rule or

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