Article 1
For the purposes of this Law, the following terms shall mean:
Persons: Natural persons and legal entities, including all types of companies and
economic entities, associations, unions, organisations, enterprises, financial grouping
or grouping or individuals however incorporated, and other connected parties as
determined under the Executive Regulations implementing the objectives and
provisions of this Law.
Products: Products and services offered by public or private law Persons, including
second-hand commodities offered by suppliers.
Consumer: Any Person to whom a product is offered for satisfying a personal or
familial need or with whom a transaction or conclusion of an agreement for the said
purpose is made.
Supplier: Any Person who provides a service or produces or imports, distributes,
exhibits, circulates or trades in any product or carries out any transaction in respect
thereof with the purpose of offering it to the consumers or conclude an agreement or
deal in it in any way.
Advertiser: Any Person who, by any means of advertising or promotion, advertises
or promotes a service or commodity personally or through another Person.
Agency: The Consumer Protection Agency established by virtue of the provisions of
this Law.
Associations: Non-profit associations and organizations and unions established and
declared under the provisions of the law and concerned with consumer protection.
Defect: Any fault that leads to the diminution of the value of the product or the
benefit for which it is intended and totally or partially prevents the consumer from
benefiting from such intended purpose, including faults resultant from the wrong
transporting or storage of the commodity, unless such faults are attributable to the

Article 2
Freedom to carry out economic activities shall be guaranteed to all. However, a
person shall be prohibited from concluding any agreement or carry out any activity
that prejudices consumers’ essential rights, particularly:
The right to health and safety upon the normal use of the products;
The right to obtain correct information and data of the products that are bought
or used by or offered to consumer;
iii The right to free selection of products complying with the conditions relating to
quality and complying with standards;


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