RDC Loi 2002 13 cadre telecomOther
Plan National du Numérique HORIZON 2025fr
Loi 014 sur la création de lARPTCfr
647.02.18 Arrete du 15 fevrier 2018 taxes nticfr
7.35.30. Arrete du 26 fevrier 2009 Plan National de Numerotationfr
Plan stratégique Cameroun Numérique 2020fr
Loi 2010 012 cybersecurite cybercriminalitefr
Loi 2013 013 communications electroniquesfr
Law on ecommerce cameroon 21 12 2010Other
Law relating to cybersecurity and cybercriminality 1en
Decree to lay down the terms and conditions online procurementen
Identification of mobile telephone subscribers 01Other
Decret Certification ElectroniqueOther
Cameroon constitutionen
Botswana flagDR Congo Constitution of 2005 with Amendments through 2011 en
The Nigeria CyberCrimes (Prohibition, Prevention, etc) Act, 2015en
Cyberwellness Profile Eritreaen
Cyberwellness Profile Democratic Republic of Congoen
Cyber wellness profile - Mauritaniaen
Cyber wellness profile - Togoen
Cyber wellness profile Sierra Leoneen
South Africa Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill, 2015en
Sudan Cybercrime Act, 2007en
Swaziland Customs and Excise Act, 1971en
Botswana Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Regulations 2007en
Namibia Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection Act 6 of 1994en
Botswana Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Acten
Malawi flagThe Malawi Copyright Act, 2016 en
Gambia flagThe Gambia Copyright Act, 2004en
Copyright Regulations, 2002en
Egypt flagThe Egypt Consumer protection Lawen
Guinea-Bissau flagThe Guinea-Bissau Constitutionen
Guinea flagThe Guinea Constitution 2010fr
Angola flagThe Angola Constitutionen
Algeria flagThe Algeria Constitution, 1989en
DR Congo flagThe DR Congo Constitutionfr
Mozambique flagThe Mozambique Constitutionen
Niger flagThe Niger Constitutionfr
Ethiopia flagThe Ethiopia Constitutionen
The Gabon Constitutionfr
Conditions for the implementation of Chapter VII relating to border measures of Law No. 17 97 on the Protection of Industrial Property Frenchfr
Mauritius flagThe Mauritius Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act, 2003en
Botswana flagThe Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority Act 2012Other
Agreement Revising the Bangui Agreement on the Creation of African Intellectual Property Organizationen
Burkina Faso flagBurkina Faso's Constitution of 1991 with Amendments through 2012en
Sierra Leone flagThe Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation Act, 2009en
Lesotho flagThe Lesotho Telecommunications Authority (Broadcasting) Rules 2004en
South Sudan flagThe South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation Act , 2013Other
Botswana flagBotswana Telecommunications Act Functions, Powers and Duties of Authority ss 1726en
Botswana flagBotswana Cybercrimes Procedural Powersen
Botswana flagBotswana Cybercrimes Preliminary (ss 1 3)en
Botswana flagBotswana Cybercrimes Part ID II Offences (ss 4 19)en
Botswana flagBotswana Cybercrimes Miscellaneous (ss 29 30)en
ConventionEstablishing the World Intellectual Property Organizationen
Angola flagAngola Cybercrime Lei No. 7 06 de 15 de Maio
Madagascar flagAct 2014 006 on the fight against Cybercrime fr
Zambia flagThe Constitution of Zambia Acten
Tunisia flagLaw No. 99-57 of June 28, 1999, on Controlled Appellations of Origin and Indications of Source of Agricultural Productsen
Tunisia flagLaw n° 2009-33 dated 23 June 2009, amending and completing law n° 94-36 dated 24 February 1994, relating to the literary and artistic property en

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