c) is a successor in title of the person mentioned in (a) or (b) of this Sub-Article;
4/ "holder" means a person to whom a plant breeders' right has been granted by the
5/ "new plant variety" means a variety that:
a/ by reason of one or more identifiable characteristics, is clearly distinguishable from
all other varieties the existence of which is a matter of common knowledge at the date
of application for a plant breeders' right;
b/ is stable in its essential characteristics, in that after repeated reproduction or
multiplication, at the end of each cycle, remains true to its description;
c/ having regard to its particular features of sexual reproduction or vegetative
propagation, is sufficiently homogenous or is a well-defined multi-line; and
d/ its material has not been sold or otherwise disposed of to others by the breeder for
purposes of commercial exploitation of the variety:
i) in the territory of Ethiopia, earlier than one year before the date of filling of
application for plant breeders' right with the Ministry; or
ii) in the territory of any other state, earlier than six years in the case of varieties of
tree, fruit tree or grape vines, or in the case of other species, earlier than four years
before the date of the application.
6/ "Plant" means a living-organism which is not an animal and which can reproduce itself
7/ "protected variety" means a new plant variety that is protected by a plant breeders' right
granted by the Ministry;
8/ "variety" means a plant grouping within a single botanical taxon of the lowest known
rank, which can be:
a) defined by the expression of the characteristics resulting from a given genotype or
combination of genotypes;
b) distinguished from any other plant grouping by the expression of at least one of said
characteristics; and
c) considered as a unit for being propagated unchanged;
9/ Farmers variety means a plant variety having specific attributes and which has been
discovered, breed, developed or nurtured by Ethiopian farming communities or a wild
relative of variety about which the Ethiopian farming communities have common
10/ "Wild relative" means a plant variety which is not domesticated by man and which is
found in the wild by nature.

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