National Agricrltu1~11


(b) the Crop Varidy Registration d R~lmseCommittee;
(c) the Seeds Standard Committee:

(d) the Sesd Industry and Skill Development Committee: mb
(e) the Daprtment of Training I n f e and Seed Extunsicin,

d such other departments or hcxlies an the Council may from time to
time deem expedient for effwtive discharge of the
Council under this Decree.

hnctions ot'


(2) Each of the bodies referred to in sukticm ( I ) of this secticm .shall
be hcnded by a Director.

S m v b Unit.

&-(l)The National Seed Service Unit (in this Decrc;,: referred to as
'the Umt') dud1 have responsibility for


(a) the development, certification and quality control of d s ;
(b) seed technology development, technical support services, seed
industry develppment and co-ordination of breeder und foundation 4

(C)foundation d production, distribution and monitoring of certi tied

(d) planning, and monitoring the national d programme and use;

(e) the publication of list of registered, released or notitid seed
varieties approved for commercialisation in Nigeria; and

,L4 assisting the development of the private sad industry.
(2) The Unit shall maintain a register of persons and or organisations
carrying on crop varieties development research leading to the registration and
mlcase of improved crop varieties for commrcid production and marketing.
(3) Any person or organisation registered under subsection (3) of this
section may, subject to the pmvisionsof the National Phytosanitary Regulations,
import duty free into Nigeria for use in the cmp variety development rcwrch,
variety breeding and orher propagating bic~log~cal

Crop Varieties
7,-(1) The Crop Variety Registration and Release Committee shall have
responsibility for makifig recommendations to the Council on mattem relating to
Release Committee.

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