Cybercrime Act, 2007
In implementation of the Interim Constitution of the Republic of Sudan of the year 2005, the National
Council has endorsed and the President of the Republic has signed the Act the text of which is below.

Chapter One
Preliminary provisions
Name of the law and entry into force

This law shall be called the Cybercrime Act, 2007, and shall enter into force on the date of its


The provisions of this Act shall apply to all of the offences provided for herein if they have been
committed wholly or in part in or outside Sudan or if their impact has extended to Sudan, whether
the original perpetrator, accomplice or instigator of those offences is punishable outside Sudan,
taking into account the general principles enshrined in the Criminal Code of the year 1991.


In this Act, unless the context requires otherwise:

shall mean information systems, networks and communications,
software, computers, the Internet and related activities.

“data and information”

shall mean numbers, letters and symbols, and everything that they are
able to store, process, generate, produce and transfer to a computer or
other electronic medium.

“information system”

shall mean all software, tools and equipment for the production, storage
or processing of data or information or management of data or

“information network”

shall mean any connection between more than one information system
in order to obtain or exchange information.


shall mean a place where information is available on an information
network through a specific address.


shall mean showing, hearing or obtaining any data or information
contained in any electronic message.

“information media”

shall mean information technology and communications devices.


shall mean the content of electronic material whether that content is text,
image, sound or video or similar.

V.15-02802 (E)

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