facilities provider;
―facilities provider‖ means a network facilities licensee who has been requested by
a facilities acquirer for lease or to share facilities;
―interconnect capacity‖ means a transmission and switching capability and any
other facility for connecting telecommunications networks of two or more
telecommunications service licensees;
―interconnect licensee‖ means a provider of a telecommunications service who, in
accordance with a licence issued by the Commission, is required to provide
interconnection service to other telecommunications licensees;
―interconnecting licensee‖ means a provider of telecommunication services who
has interconnected or has requested to interconnect its telecommunications system
to the telecommunications system of an interconnect provider;
―interconnection‖ means the physical and logical linking of telecommunication
networks used by the same or different service licensees in order to allow the users
of one licensee to communicate with users of the same or another licensee or to
access services
provided by another licensee;
―interconnection agreement‖ means an agreement, entered into, before or after the
commencement of these Regulations, between an interconnect licensee and an
interconnecting licensee in relation to the interconnection of their
telecommunication systems;
―interconnection information‖ means information in the possession or control of
parties to an interconnection agreement or intending to interconnect their
telecommunications systems and services which may assist such parties to
formulate their interconnection or plans, to establish or maintain their
telecommunication systems or a telecommunication service for the purpose of
interconnection, which information may include–
(a) technical, traffic and other relevant information system and facilities
specifications; and
(b) any material changes to that information or specifications which may impact on
the parties’ interconnection arrangements or the services they intend to provide to
customers by means of that interconnection;

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