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The Constitution of Sierra Leone (Amendment) Act, 2001

Supplement to the Sierra Leone Gazette Vol. CXXXIII, No. 6
dated 7th February, 2002
Signed this 25th day of January, 2002
Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah,

No. 15

Short Title.


The Constitution of Sierra Leone
(Amendment) Act, 2001
Being an Act to amend the Constitution of Sierra Leone, 1991.

Date of
Amendment of
Constitution Act No. 6
of 1991.

[7th February, 2002]
The Constitution of Sierra Leone is amended—
(a) by the insertion immediately after section 38 thereof of the following:—

Election by district
block representation

38A. (1) Where, under any law for the time being in force, a date for a general election of Members of Parliament
has been appointed but constituencies have not been established in accordance with subsection (3) of section 38 for
the purposes of such election, the President may, after consultation with the Electoral Commission, direct that such
election shall be conducted on the basis of the existing districts in a manner to be known as the district block
representation system instead of constituencies.
(2) In the district block representation system, the election shall be contested in each specified district by political
parties for the block or number of seats in Parliament allocated to the district by or under an Act of Parliament and
the political parties shall be allocated seats in Parliament by the Electoral Commission on the basis of their
proportional share of the total district vote.
(3) Members of Parliament for the seats won by a political party in a district shall be determined by the Electoral
Commission from a list of the candidates of that political party for the district submitted to the Electoral Commission
before the date of the election and showing the order of preference of the candidates.
(4) The number of candidates on the list referred to in subsection (3) shall be not less than double the block or
number of seats allocated to the district so as to enable vacancies in Parliament to be filled by the Electoral
Commission from that list as and when such vacancies occur.
(b) in section 43,


by the deletion of the word "and" appearing at the end of paragraph (a) of the proviso thereto;
by the substitution for the full stop at the end of paragraph (b) of the proviso thereto of a semicolon and the

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