Cape Verde aims to set up a communication network (Internet), consisting of submarine fiber optic
cable linking the shores of the Atlantic, with enough bandwidth to support supply of:

communication services with the same technological and service level as that the touristemitting countries and the countries-recipients of the diaspora;
b) Cloud Services from the Data Centers installed in the country, "infrastructure-as-a-service"
(IAAS), "Platform-as-a-service" (PAAS), "software-as-a-service" (SAAS) and "streaming" content
"live or on-demand", multi-tenant and high-availability;
c) IP connectivity services to an increasing number of sensors and autonomous communication
devices from the IOT
d) Services (wholesale) international connection from and to the capitals of the sub region
e) Securization and redundancy connectivity to "inland" countries in the sub region
f) National and regional IXP installation
g) Internet "peering"
To achieve this goal Cape Verde is preparing to promote Direct Private Sector Investment (IDE) and
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mechanisms in stablishing, exploring and maintaining:
a) Launch of fiber optical cable "Europe Link to Latin America" (EllaLink);
b) Launch of the network "Amílcar Cabral" consisting of fiber optic cables for sub-regional capitals:
Nouakchott, Dakar, Banjul, Bissau, Conakry, Freetown and Monrovia (ECOWAS);
c) Connection to the fiber optic cable PEACE, through South Africa and Mozambique (CPLP);
d) Launch of fiber optic cable DILCE between Cape Verde and the United States (Boston);
e) Renewal and implementation of "sub-loops" on the network of fiber-optic inter-island;
f) Building the Data Center of Mindelo (DC3);
g) Data Center Expansion Beach (DC2).

(Fernandes Antonio J - jan2019)

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