(b) clarify the agreements, conduct or practices that the Commission shall consider
to be anti- competitive, and prohibited under the Act; and
(c) provide for the standards and processes that the Commission shall apply when
determining whether a telecommunication service provider is dominant in a given
4. Mandate of the Commission over competition matters.
(1) The Commission shall have the power to determine, pronounce upon,
administer and enforce compliance of all its licensees with competition laws and
regulations, that it relate to commercial activities in the communications sector.
(2) In so far as such matters fall concurrently under the jurisdiction of another
statutory agency responsible for competition matters, the Commission shall cooperate with the said agency in matters related to fair competition.
5. Determination of breach.
(1) The Commission shall, in order to determine whether a particular agreement or
conduct breaches these Regulations(a) evaluate the relevant market or market segment that the agreement, conduct in
question or practice relates;
(b) determine whether the market or market segment is competitive; or
(c) establish whether a licensee is engaging in anti-competitive practices.
6. Determination of market.
The Commission may, when evaluating or designating the relevant market,
(a) the communications products that makeup a specific market
(b) the geographic scope of that market for a given group of consumers;
(c) demand-side substitutability in order to measure the extent to which consumers
are prepared or able to substitute other communications products or services for the
communications products or services subject to consideration at low cost;

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