Unofficial Translation (excerpts)

compatible with health maintenance, the final purpose being to enable
everyone to enjoy their innate right to health and longevity;
Tobacco: all products intended to be smoked, sniffed, sucked or chewed,
as long as they are manufactured entirely or partially from leaf tobacco as a
raw material;
Tobacco addiction: Regular use of tobacco and tobacco products giving
rise to poisoning and addiction;
Article 86: The diseases addressed in this chapter are leprosy, tuberculosis
in all of its forms, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS, mental
illnesses, chronic diseases, alcoholism, tobacco addiction and drug
The Minister of Public Health may determine other ailments and problems
that may be subject to special measures.
Article 87: Health authorities appointed by the Minister of Public Health
may, at the request of the Ministry of the Public Prosecutor, decide to
impose involuntary hospitalization of persons afflicted with mental
disorders, alcoholism or drug addiction, and whose free circulation could
constitute a danger to them or to others.
Article 88: In emergency cases, involuntary hospitalization can be ordered
by the competent territorial authority, on the condition that a medical exam
be performed within twenty-four hours following hospitalization with the
aim of confirming or refuting the grounds for the administrative decision.
Article 89: In each case, the decision is to be reported by the Ministry of
the Public Prosecutor which must gather the statements and receive the

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