Unofficial Translation (excerpts)

Law No. 1/012 of May 30, 2018 on the Code of the Supply of Health
Care and Services

Article 3.
Cigarette: a small tube of chopped tobacco wrapped in fine paper;
Growing tobacco: growing leaves of the plant with the scientific name
Nicotiana tobaccoum;
Labeling: package on which indications and warnings concerning this
product are stated;
Tar: An oily, viscous and blackish substance, with a strong and acrid odor,
obtained by distilling various vegetable or mineral materials, considered
carcinogenic or potentially dangerous;
Tobacco industry: companies engaged in manufacture and whole sale
distribution of tobacco products and importers of such products;
Tobacco control: a series of strategies to reduce the supply, demand and
harmful effects, seeking to improve the health of the population by
eliminating or reducing its consumption of tobacco products and exposure
of the public to tobacco smoke;

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