thereto or connected therewith.

[Date of Commencement:
Parts I and II: 18th August, 1999;
Parts III and IV: 29th June, 2001]

Preliminary (ss 1-2)*(1)


Short title
This Act may be cited as the Broadcasting Act.


In this Act unless the context otherwise enquires­

"the Authority" means the Telecommunications Authority established under section 3 of the
Telecommunications Act;
"the Board" means the National Broadcasting Board established under section 3;
"broadcasting" means the distribution of television or radio, as defined herein, by means of
terrestrial, satellite, cable or optical fibre and capable of being received on suitable apparatus
by the public;
"broadcasting service" means a single defined service which consists in the broadcasting
of television or sound material to the public or sections of the public or the subscribers to such
"the Committee" means the Nominating Committee established under section 8;
"community" includes a geographically founded community or any group of persons or
sector of the public having a specific, ascertainable common interest;
"community broadcasting service" means a broadcasting service which­

is fully controlled by a non-profit entity and carried on for non-profitable purposes;


serves a particular community;


encourages members of the community served by it or persons associated with or
promoting the interests of such community to participate in the selection and provision
of programmes to be broadcast in the course of such broadcasting services; and


may be funded by donations, grants, sponsorship or advertising or membership fees,
or by any combination of any of them;

"licensee" means any person to whom a broadcasting or re-broadcasting licence has been
issued under this Act;
Copyright Government of Botswana

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