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Its deliberations shall be valid only when at least half of its members are present. It shall
issue opinions supported by a majority of its members and, where it is divided, its President
shall have the deciding vote.
The Directorate General for Plant Production attached to the Ministry of Agriculture
shall provide the secretariat of the Commission.
Article 3. – Specialized sectoral commissions for different groups and plant species
shall be set up within the Technical Commission for Seeds, Seedlings and Plant Varieties.
These specialized sectoral commissions shall be set up and their membership
established by decision of the Minister of Agriculture on a proposal by the President of the
Technical Commission for Seeds, Seedlings and Plant Varieties; the specialized commissions
shall be responsible for studying technical aspects specific to varieties and species within their
competence, plant varieties and certification, and for communicating the results of their work
to the President of the Technical Commission.
The Technical Commission shall consider these results in accordance with the
procedures specified in Article 2 of this Decree.
Article 4. – Decree No.78-479 of May 2, 1978, which establishes the tasks, membership
and working methods of the National Advisory Committee on Seeds and Seedlings, is
Article 5. – The Minister of Agriculture shall be responsible for implementing this
Decree, which shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia.
Tunis, January 18, 2000.
Zine El Abidine Ben Ali

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