No. 53 of 2012
Date of Assent: 31st December, 2012
Date of Commencement: 4th January, 2013

AN ACT of Parliament to amend the Seeds and
Plant Varieties Act
ENACTED by the Parliament of Kenya, as follows1. This Act may be cited as the Seeds and Plant
Varieties (Amendment) Act, 2011.

Short title.

2. The long title of the Seeds and Plants Varieties Act,
in this Act referred to as "the principal Act", is amended —

Amendment of the
long title to Cap.326.

(a) by deleting the words "discovering new varieties"
and substituting therefor the words "discovering
and developing new varieties";
(b) by inserting the words "to establish a national
centre for plant genetic resources" immediately
before the words "to establish a Tribunal"
3. Section 2 of the principal Act is amended—
(a) by deleting the definition of "authorized officer";
(b) by deleting the definition of plant variety" and
substituting therefor the following—
"plant variety" means a plant grouping within a
single botanical taxon of the lowest known rank,
defined by the expression of the characteristics
resulting from a given genotype or combination of
genotypes distinguished from any' other plant
grouping by the expression of at least one of the
said characteristics and considered as a unit with
regard to its suitability for being propagated

Amendment of
section 2 of Cap.

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