3. (1) Potato seed is hereby prescribed to be seed to which the Act

Act to apply to
potato seed

(2) No potato shall be sold as seed unless it has been certified by the
Controller of Seeds in accordance with these Regulations.
(3) No potato seed shall be certified under these Regulations unless it
has been produced and inspected, and attains the standards, as herein
4. (1) Only cultivars which have been approved by the Controller of
Seeds shall be eligible for certification.

Certification of
potato seed

(2) Potato seed shall be certified in six classes in accordance with the
First Schedule.
(3) The standards for certification shall be in accordance with the
Second Schedule.
5. (1) An application for registration as a grower of potato seed shall be Registration as
made in accordance with Part VIII of the Act.
(2) An application shall not be approved if it is in respect of land on
which, during the preceding three years, potatoes or other Solanaceous
crops have been grown.
6. The grower shall plant the class of seed appropriate for his
production; and shall retain such evidence of that class as may be
sufficient to satisfy the Certifying Authority in that behalf.

Evidence of
class of seed

7. (1) An inspector carrying out a field inspection shall reject a crop for Field inspection
certification if he is satisfied that(a)

the crop is so heavily contaminated with weeds as to render it

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