Applicant a personal identification number and a certificate containing
the information in the Third Schedule to these Regulations and such
certificate shall be for the purpose of that transaction only.




No person shall carry on the business of commercial optical disc
duplication, that is the recording of copyrighted materials owned by others
onto recordable optical discs for the purposes of sale, hire, lease, or other
commercial dealing in such discs, or the fulfilling of an order for such discs
placed by a third party in exchange for payment or other valuable
consideration, unless such a person is duly registered by the Commission
prior to engaging in such duplication, giving the names and addresses of
the responsible persons and the address of the premises at which the
duplication will take place.

Adaptation of

4. 	 (1) No person shall be in possession of, control or operate any optical disc
manufacturing equipment or any mould in Nigeria, unless it has been
adapted to apply the appropriate manufacturer's code in accordance with
these Regulations.
(2)	 No person shall make, be in possession of or adapt any optical disc
mould for the purpose of applying to an optical disc, a forged or false
manufacturer's code, or any mark that is so similar to a manufacturer's
code, as to be likely to deceive.
(3)	 Any manufacturing equipment and any optical disc mould found in any
registered premises shall for the purposes of this section be deemed to be
in the possession of the person for whom the registered premises have
been specified in his production certificate.



(1)	 Every registered person shall, cause each optical disc and each
production part manufactured by it in Nigeria to be marked with the
appropriate manufacturer's code as may be prescribed by the
(2) No person shall forge a manufacturer's code or falsely apply to an
optical disc or production part a manufacturer's code, or any mark so
resembling a manufacturer's code as to be likely to deceive; or make,
dispose of or possess any die, block, machine or other instrument for the
purpose of forging or used in forging a manufacturer's code.
(3)	 No person shall sell, offer for sale, or otherwise distribute a production
part that is not marked with the appropriate manufacturer's code
endorsed on his production certificate.

Keeping of
C. 28 Laws of
the Federation
of Nigeria.


(1) Without prejudice to the provisions of section 13 of the Copyright Act,
every person registered under these regulations to manufacture optical
discs shall, keep adequate records and samples of all works produced
and such records and samples shall be made available for inspection by
officers of the Commission.


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