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“basic seed” means a mixture of two or more seed lots of the same cultivar of different origin
into one composite bulk;
“breeder’s seed” means seed which has been produced by a person or institution responsible
for the maintenance of the cultivar;
“certified seed” means progeny of basic seed or certified seed of higher classes;
“cultivar” means a subdivision of any seed species which can be distinguished from other
subdivisions of that species by means of growth, plant type, flower or other physiological
“compulsory certification” means mandatory certification for those cultivars that have been
tested in National Performance Trial, officially released and indexed;
“Director” means the director of the National Seed Quality Control Service;
“dressing” means a stage of seed processing where application of chemical substances on the
surfaces of seeds is done for the purposes of controlling pests or diseases;
“field inspection” means an examination of a crop seed field including checking for effective
isolation distance, hectarage of the seed field, off-types, foreign cultivar and diseased plants as part
of the seed certification programme;
“Government certified seed” means seeds in respect of which a certificate has been issued in
accordance with these Regulations;
“germinated seeds” means lots in respect of which in the course of germination tests have
produced seedlings with normal growth characteristics of the shoot and root systems;
“Government tested seeds” means seed lots tested in accordance with these Regulations
“isolation” means the required distance or time between two crops of the same species or
between two crops of too closely related species to prevent contamination either mechanically or by
“labelling” means the process of affixing a tag or identification mark so as to ensure correct
identification of any container of seed;
“licensed seed seller” means any person or institution licensed to sell Government tested and
certified seeds only;
“noxious weeds” means a plant declared to be a noxious weed under section 3 of the
Suppression of Noxious Weeds Act;
Cap. 325.

“off-type plant” means a plant which does not exhibit the recognized and prescribed growth
habits and characteristics of the cultivar being grown;
“official seed tester” means an officer designated to be an official seed tester by the
authorized officer;


Plant Variety, Regulations (Ch. 326), 01/01/1975 (1991)

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