processing of personal data, the data controller, the sub-contractor as well as
their collaborators.
Sub-contractor: individuals or legal entities in charge of the processing of
personal data on behalf of the data controller.
The "Instance":refers to The National Authority for Protection of Personal
Communication: the fact of giving, handing-over or disclosing personal data,
whatever the methods and the means, to one or more people other than the
data subject.
Combination: correlating data contained in one or more data files held
by other data controller
Recipient: any individuals or legal entities who are given personal data.

Chapter II Conditions of personal data processing
Section I-Formalities prior to commencing data processing
Article 7:
The processing of personal data must be declared to the The National
Authority for Protection of Personal Data at its head office. The Instance shall
directly deliver a receipt or send a registered letter with acknowledgement on
receipt or by any other means that leave a written trace.
The notification is carried out by the data controller or his legal representative.
The notification does not exempt the data controller or his legal representative
from his responsibility toward third-parties.
Conditions and proceedings of the notification shall be set by decree.
The Instance shall issue its decision within one month from the date of receipt
of the application. However, when the "Instance" has not given its opinion
within this time limit, the application for notification shall be deemed to have
been accepted.
Article 8:
In the case where an authorization of the "Instance" is required by the hereby
Act, the application for authorization shall specify in particular:
-The first name, the last name and residence of the data controller and in
case of legal entity the company name, its head office and the identity of its
legal representative;
- The purposes of the processing of personal data and its norms;
- The identities of data subjects and their residence;
- The categories of the processing, its location and date;
- The personal data and their origins;
- The people or authorities who are allowed, regarding their functions, to take
cognizance of the data;
- The recipients to whom the data may be disclosed;
- The place and period of storage of the processed information;
-The steps taken to ensure confidentiality and security of processing;
- The description of the combinations by the data controller with other data
- The undertaking to process personal data according to the present Act.


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