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Article 7: A merchant or public or ministerial official who does not communicate the
required information shall pay the beneficiary the sum owed to him.
Article 8: Royalties owed in respect of the exploitation of works in the public domain
shall be fifty per cent (50%) of those which were usually paid when the work was still
Article 9: The organization of performances shall be subject to authorization by the
Minister of Culture.
Article 10: Organizers of performances for which an admission fee is charged shall pay
a sum of ten thousand (10,000) CFA francs to the fund for the support of cultural policy,
in accordance with the procedure determined by order of the Minister of Culture.
Article 11:
1. The Arbitration Commission provided for in Article 62, paragraph 2, of Law No.
2000/11 of December 19, 2000 on Copyright and Neighboring Rights shall be chaired by
a judge appointed by the President of the Supreme Court.
2. The Arbitration Commission shall also include:
- a representative of the Minister of Culture;
- a representative of each organization entitled to remuneration;
- a representative of each category of persons that use phonograms under the
conditions set out in Article 60 of the aforementioned Law.
Article 12:
1. The members of the Arbitration Commission shall be appointed by the Administration
and the social and professional organizations to which they belong for a term of two (2)
years, which may be renewed twice (2 times).
2. The membership of the Arbitration Commission shall be recorded by decision of the
Minister of Culture.
3. If a member of the Arbitration Commission dies in office or is no longer able to fulfill
his mandate for any other reason, he shall be replaced immediately by the Head of the
Administration or of the organization that he or she represents for the remainder of his

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