Law No 13 of 1979
Egyptian Radio and Television Union

In the name of the People of Egypt and the President of the Republic;
The People’s Assembly shall hereby decree the following Law,

Article One
A public organization shall hereby be mandated and established under the name of the ‘Egyptian
Radio and Television Union’ (ERTU). The ERTU shall assume all the functions and duties associated
with the audio-visual media and broadcasting services in the Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE). The
respective Union shall maintain a legal status, and shall be headquartered in Cairo.

Article Two
The primary purpose of the ERTU shall be to contribute to the fulfilment of the mission statement of
the audio-visual media and broadcasting services, at the policy-making, planning, delivery and
execution levels, in compliance with the overall public policy and widely acknowledged professional
standards and criteria. To this end, the ERTU shall hereby keep up with the new developments and
updates and state-of-the-art technologies in relation to the modern applications of mass media,
particularly in terms of the effective utilization of the audio- visual media for the benefit of the
Society, and the attainment of the respective goals and objectives.
Towards this goal, the Egyptian Radio and Television Union shall undertake to fulfil certain purposes,
as follows:
1. Deliver and guide the audio-visual media and broadcasting services in an effective and
efficient manner, for the benefit of the national interests, consistent with the authentic
values and traditions of the Egyptian Society, and in compliance with the guiding principles
prescribed by the Constitution;
2. Enhance and promote the concepts and values associated with democratic socialism,
national unity, social peace; maintain the human dignity and freedoms; and, preserve the
rule of law, across all the audio-visual media and broadcasting functions and services;
3. Support the spread of knowledge; create and provide programs oriented towards a wide
range of subjects, especially in relation to education, humanitarian disciplines, and
civilization for the benefit of a cross-section of the Egyptian Society; and, dedicate specific
programs for the development of different population groups, including children,
adolescents, young men and women, professionals, and farmers. In return, this shall
promote the social welfare and wellbeing of the Society, as well as the family stability and
4. Leverage and improve the performance of the audio-visual media and broadcasting services
and networks, with due observance of the religious and ethical values in the broadcast
media content;

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