Special provisions as to vessels, aircraft and land vehicles of convention
39. 	 Register to be evidence
40. 	 Certificates of registrar to be prima facie evidence
41. 	 Certification of validity
42. 	 Appeal to court
43. 	 Proclamations as to convention countries
44. 	 Registration of design where application for protection has been made in
convention country
45. 	 Extension of time for applications in certain cases
46. 	 Minister may require designs to be kept secret in certain circumstances
47. 	 Penalties for making false entries in register, or making, producing or
tendering false entries or copies
48. 	 Penalties for making false statements for purpose of deceiving or influencing
registrar or officer
49. 	 Penalties for certain false representations
50. 	 Documents may be sent by post
51. 	 Address for service
52. 	 Calculation of periods of time
53. 	 Condonation or correction of irregularities in procedure
55. 	 Repeal of laws
56. 	 Short title and commencement


In this Act, unless the context otherwise indicates—
“aesthetic design” means any design applied to any article, whether
for the pattern or the shape or the configuration or the ornamentation
thereof, or for any two or more of those purposes, and by whatever
means it is applied, having features which appeal to and are judged
solely by the eye, irrespective of the aesthetic quality thereof;
“agent” means a patent agent referred to in section 20 of the Patents
Act, 1978 (Act No. 57 of 1978), or an attorney;
“applicant” includes the legal representative of a deceased applicant
or of an applicant who is a person under legal disability;
“article” means any article of manufacture and includes a part of
such article if manufactured separately;
“cessionary” includes the personal representative of a cessionary,
and any reference to the cessionary of any person shall be construed
as including a reference to the cessionary of the personal
representative of that person;
“convention country” means any country or group of countries in
respect of which there is in force a proclamation in terms of section 43
declaring such country or group of countries to be a convention
country or convention countries for the purposes of this Act;
“court”, in relation to any matter, means the division of the Supreme
Court of South Africa having jurisdiction in respect of that matter;

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